Owners FAQ's


Q.What do Property Managers do?

Property managers deal directly with prospects and tenants, saving you time and worry over marketing your rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions.

Q.How much is Property Management Fees? 

Each property and owner have different circumstances, please call or email today for a free estimate. 

Q.How will you find tenants for my property?  

We go through a rigorous screening process including background, credit and eviction history check.  Vetting good tenants is good for us as well as our owners/investors.  

Q.What is usually looked for in tenants?

General requirements are good standing credit, income to rent ratio of 3 to 1, as well as passing the history reports based on the application.  For more information regarding our application process, please call or email.

Q.How much will my investment property lease for?

Each property is different and the location is key.  We will look for market comparables and keep rent fair to the market rate.  

Q.How do Property Inspections work?  

Usually 2 times a year a Property Manager will schedule a time to visit the property to inspect the inside and outside of a rental unit.  This process keeps owners up to date with the status of their property and gives tenants peace of mind knowing we are looking out for their rented home.  Property inspections are meant to be more proactive in the upkeep of the property as well as make sure that we have placed the right tenants in our owner’s investments. 

Q.What are the most common mistakes made by investment property owners?

Not knowing about maintenance issues when they occur or a delay in taking care of the maintenance issue at hand swiftly.  Our 24/7 maintenance hotline along with our list of preferred vendors makes taking care of maintenance issues quickly and financially friendly.

Correctly pricing the rent rate for their investment property.  We compare similar units for rent mixed with our knowledge of the area to narrow in on the “magic” rent price for your property. 

Q.How often will I hear from my property manager?

Your property manager works for you.  You determine how often you need to communicate with them.  

Q.Who handles the middle of the night calls?

We have a 24/4 maintenance hotline who would receive the middle of the night call's first.  Your tenant will speak with a real person, who will log the call, troubleshoot and then contact the property manager.

Q.Why should I choose your company instead of another?

Our team embodies the main principles of Coldwell Banker Paradise.  Our honesty and integrity are set us above the competition in this business.  The quality service we provide will also exceed your expectations. Please call us today to see how we can help you today.

Q.Eviction FAQs for Owners / Eviction FAQs for Tenants

We handle the process with speed and ease.  We provide all correspondence with our Attorneys and are always available when needed throughout the process from the very first filed notice to the repossession of the property.  Then we get right in to make the property ready for a new tenant. But truth be told, we don’t need to handle may evictions. We put the extra time into finding the right tenant for your property to begin with.