Rental Information For Homeowners

If you are considering renting your property or already have one, we take the stress out of everything from finding tenants to maintenance requests. Our process is tried and true. Relax and let your investment work for you.


With Team Paradise at Coldwell Banker Paradise, you get a team that includes our experienced and dedicated Property Manager, Jillian Arce, and a full-time assistant, LeAnne Harter. Licensed showing agents are available 7 days a week. The Maintenance department is designed to save owners money on more minor repairs. Assistants handle the documents, and there is a full-time rental Bookkeeping department.

You may require full-service property management or assistance finding qualified residents for your property. Our team of skilled property professionals can help. We have 60 years of business in the local market and outstanding connections nationally and internationally. Our team has the experience to manage any situation efficiently.

* Analyze Market- Estimate rents and make recommendations to maximize rents.

* Marketing- Extensive advertising property for rent and leasing staff available 7 days a week.

* Qualifying Tenants—I have furnished the lease and related documents for you, and I will verify your credit reports, employment, income, past rental history, and criminal background check.

* Maintenance- Schedule maintenance as needed and have a 24/7 maintenance line for tenants.

* Accounting—Our team collects rent payments and sends them to you for any expenses.  You receive an owner's statement of the current month’s transactions each month.

* Midterm Inspections—Four to six months after the lease start date, we physically inspect your property to ensure proper maintenance. Protecting your investment is our highest priority.

* Annual Inspections—Before offering a lease renewal, we inspect the property again to ensure the current tenant meets their responsibilities and tracks normal wear and tear. This allows us to be proactive about some things and document the rest, depending on your needs.

* Post All Notices- 3-day notice for late rent, 7-day notice to cure any inspection deficiencies, and any other forms as required by Florida State Law.

* Other Services—Rent collection, lease renewals, move-in/move-out and midterm inspections, quotes for services, coordinating insurance inspections as needed, and more….